Holy Kisses Hand Sanitizer (Travel Bottle)


  • Elegant spa style, 1 oz. travel size bottle
  • Fresh, light citrus scent
  • Contains 67% alcohol – this exceeds the CDC’s recommendation for good hand hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Great for gifts and favors
  • Dimensions: 1”w x 3.5”h
  • Sold in sets of 12 bottles
  • This product is intended for external use only and should not be ingested
  • Not intended for use by children under 3 years of age:  Use of this product by children should be supervised by an adult
  • Active ingredient:  Ethyl Alcohol (antimicrobial).  Inactive ingredients:  Water (Aqua), Propylene Glycol, Carbomer (NOS), Triethanolamine, Glycerin, Perfume, Tocopheryl Acetate


The design that you see on this hand sanitizer here in the Holy Kisses shop was God-inspired through a dream that I had that was based on the Song Of Solomon 1:2 which says, “Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth, for Your Love is sweeter than wine.”

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